Silver Care

Why Silver?

Since times immemorial, silver has been prized for its beauty and inherent properties. Malleable and ductile, this precious metal is recognized for its anti-microbial properties. It is known to regulate body temperature, improve blood circulation, repair skin cells and aid general well being. Many ancient cultures use silverware for infants as it boosts immunity and reduces sterilization needs. Gifting and receiving silver is both auspicious and beneficial. It is a gift of prosperity, good health and fortune.


Silver spoon benefits for an Infant 

Silver is a precious metal, recognised for its wellness properties. With this spoon, you gift the child not just your wishes but also the promise of health and wellness.. Giving a silver teaspoon for a Baptism means wishing the new-born happiness and prosperity throughout life.Silver is bacteria free, non-toxic, boosts immunity , BPA free, retains freshness ....  



Mirasa jewellery is hallmarked in the UK at the London Assay Office, fulfilling the requirements established by the Law on Precious Metals. This is a guarantee to our customers of the purity and quality of the metals used in the collections.


 Silver Care

Sterling Silver is prone to natural tarnishing, this process is caused by oxygen and moisture coming into contact with the metal. This can be treated by polishing or buffing with a soft cloth from time to time, however silver jewellery that is worn regularly typically needs less care.Silver is susceptible to damage by chlorine.

Silver Care recommendations

  • Avoid spraying perfume directly on the silver jewellery
  • Keep away from direct and prolonged contact with water.Do not wear silver jewellery when swimming as chlorine can permanently damage the jewellery
  • Store silver in the pouch and box provided at purchase 
  • In case you are planning to store your jewellery for long period of time, store silver in a sealable, air-tight polybag with an anti-tarnish strip 
  • Do not store under weight of other products, due to delicate nature of the jewellery